1932 Arkham Motors Mongoose

A sporty if somewhat underpowered convertible coupe


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Seats two up front with a third passenger in the boot.

Four-cylinder engine, three-speed transmission. Top speed of 65 mph.


“Arkham Motors’ entry into the convertible roadster market (and first new passenger auto design since the 1919 Model B-38 Touring), the Mongoose is a speedy little number that has found favor among a select crowd of New England motoring enthusiasts but is little-known elsewhere in the country. Launch of a new car design in the midst of the present economic crisis has put considerable strain on AM’s finances, but its president and founder, C. M. St. Claire, remains optimistic that the Mongoose will find its niche and propel the company in an exciting new direction.”

From the article “Will the Mongoose Strike for AM?”, Automotive Industries Vol. 26, No. 2, December 1931

1932 Arkham Motors Mongoose

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