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Character Creation

First, a word on the role of the Adventure Log in this campaign: The log will be open to all for updating. As Keeper, I will attempt after every session to post a bullet list of the most important points covered, particularly locations first visited, NPCs first encountered, and any other significant changes to people, places, or things. As players, feel free to use the log as a sort of diary for keeping track of developments that you personally feel are important to your character, or else to jot down goals for future sessions.

Now, on to character creation.


You will be starting out as incoming freshmen at Miskatonic University in the year 1932. It is a grim time for Miskatonic. The university’s growing ambition finally exceeded its grasp with the tragic failure of its 1930-31 Antarctic expedition that resulted in the deaths of two faculty, four students, and six other men. With the economic depression deepening and no end in sight, the university has cut back significantly on its grants and investments.

As students, stats are generated slightly differently from the normal routine. Rather than post all the rules here, we’ll simply go over them during character creation. However, do take a look at the two sets of pictures below. If you’d like, pick a photo to represent your character and give you, perhaps, some idea of their personality prior to rolling dice and assigning points.

Oh, and one last note: to qualify for the dream study of Drs. Warden and Gist, you’ll need to have a suitably high POW, so keep that in mind, too. Anything from 15 and up should suffice…




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